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We have one goal: To make our clients a billion

Think of us as digital detectives. We forensically examine every clue to enable you to save or make more returns on your advertising spend. Everyone using the internet leaves a digital fingerprint or a trail. We help you understand what the trails mean, what your customers are looking for and guide you about what you need to change and why. To do that we help you in 3 areas:

Some of our clients
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 B2B and industrial customers

Successful companies today want to know the value of their web pages and define clear and measurable goals for all web activity even if they don’t sell anything on the Internet directly.

For them, we go beyond online marketing deep into the website data. We analyze customer behavior and usability of their websites, profile the visitors and monitor the quality of visits.

The goal is always to grow the business. The benefits range from lead generation and improved efficiency of email campaigns to savings from moving support functions to the site.

We are also involved in many sales support projects, such as creation and usability testing of online ordering tools and tracking information downloads by people who influence. Always with measurable goals.

You should make more money on your site, even if you’re not selling something directly.

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It’s about time digital started to pay the rent. We will show you what sucks and how to fix it.

The competition is tough in the finance business today and the clientele of banks and insurance companies have learned to expect good online services.

Attractive and usable websites are simply a must for successful selling of the product portfolio.

Quru has extensive experience about analyzing and supporting bank and insurance businesses on the Internet. We will analyze which sources of traffic bring you the right kind of visitors so that you can optimize your marketing budget and increase the quality of leads.

Then we will run usability audits and advanced testing programs to create a customer journey that leads to conversions.

The goal is simple: bring you more business with ROI you can measure.

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The media business

In the media business, advanced analytics are an important building block of creating a data-based vision about how publishing will evolve.

With the Quru services, media companies and portals can optimize the marketing budgets so that the same investment brings in more visitors to the websites and results in better engagement on the page.

You will also get better, more accurate and more detailed information about customer behavior and website usage.

Quru analytics will tell you what topics, content types and campaigns are of interest to the visitors. You will get valuable support data for investments decisions, get ideas for articles and guidance on trending topics to follow up. By combining tools and information from multiple sources we will also be able to prove the value of your website for advertisers, both in online and offline sales.

eCommerce is easy, but the media business is a whole different animal.

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Online stores

We have worked with online retailers and webstores for a very long time and can proudly say that our customers often get their money back in a very short time.

ROI in many projects has been tenfold and beyond.

To be successful in internet sales, you have to actively sell and convince the customers, not just display inventory and expect people to find your products. We will be able to tell you what kind of a store will attract customers and make them stay and buy. We will bring your conversion rates up with usability improvements, surveys and advanced testing programs. Then we will run smart retargeting campaigns to make the customers come back and buy some more.

Instead of measuring CPC and last click interactions, we are driven by new models of customer attribution that measure the value of the customer over the whole customer life cycle.

The goal is to understand how to turn new visitors into customers and then customers into repeat customers and ultimately – fans and brand advocates.

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Consumer goods (without online sales)

Quru has long partnerships with many B2C-customers who don’t have any online stores.

Our work with them ranges from defining goals and measures for the whole Internet experience to coordination of all online activities and quality control of campaigns.

We organize workshops to define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your online presence and set up the tools you need to stay in control of everything that happens on your websites. We can also set up email campaigns and loyalty programs for you and measure their performance. We can even test the effect of offline marketing using the web as a proxy.

Once the measures and tools are in place, we will manage the analytics for you. We take care of the operational, report what you need to know and alert you when something needs attention. Learnings from each unit, campaign and action can then be distributed throughout the organization.

Stop wasting money on marketing that won’t bring you any business!

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Customer life cycles in the travel business are typically very long.

The route from the first casual visit with a mobile device through several stages of pondering on travel websites to a purchase decision can take months, even years.

There are also many customers who return year after year if the service is good. So far, however, it has been difficult to connect the dots, clicks and sessions.

No wonder then that the latest advanced customer attribution models and the power of combining analytics with CRM and remarketing tools have raised great interest in the domain. Quru has a long history of working with travel and transportation customers. Our marketing, optimization and analytics teams will help you understand how the customer relationships develop in the travel industry.

Let us take you to a customer journey on the Internet!

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The growing healthcare industry is a perfect example of a business where advanced analytics and deep understanding of customer behavior will play a key role.

At the same time, the business area is demanding. There is plenty of data available and a clear need for better customer profiling, but use of data is regulated, legacy systems restrict usability and data security is critical.

Yet, the data should be easily available in different formats for the medical staff and the customers. The perfect challenge for the Quru analytics team!

Advanced analytics, smart segmentation and digital services are the future of healthcare. We have already started work on customer attribution models and smart segmenting for healthcare companies who want to measure the customer.

The goal is to create a unified tool environment for measuring the value of the customer life cycle from unborn children to the elderly – talk about life cycle management!

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